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Personal Self-Defense: This can include fending off an attacker with a knife or gun, escaping various chokes or holds, creating a gap/distance to react to an attacker, how to fine tune your situational awareness, identifying soft targets, and escaping from a Ground Dominate Position. What is taught is dependent on the needs/desires of the group and the length of the event.

Alternate/Non-Lethal Weapons: This can include the use of stun guns and pepper sprays as well as items in your environment that can be used to fend off or injure an attacker.

Dress for the gym as these are hands-on classes.

A 3-Hour Class at Your Facility: $400.00 with Additional Time Available @ $100.00 per hour.

Add-On - Event T-Shirt: $20.00 per Attendee

Add-On - Lunch: $15.00 per Attendee

We need an Event Attendee Roster with attendees name as it should appear on the Certificate submitted 2 days prior to the event (No T-Shirts).

The Event Attendee Roster with sizes added if ordering T-Shirts is needed 2 weeks prior.

There will be multiple Instructors engaging your attendees at all times.

Women's Self-Defense Training

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