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Standard Holster: $75.00

Single or Double Magazine Pouch: $40.00


Kydex with Image design: $15
Unique Holster Design: $50.00
Block Out Fee for Gun with Aftermarket Accessory: $30.00
Image Or 2 Layer Design: $30.00
Stipple Design: $50.00

Metal Belt Clip: $6.99
Large Paddle Mount: $24.99

Small Paddle Mount: $19.99

Slim Paddle Mount: $19.99

IWB Tacware: $8.99

IWB J Hook: $14.99
Tactical Mount: $19.99
Ulticlip: $10 per clip


Kydex is a plastic that is commonly used for holster making.  Kydex comes in a sheet and can be heated and pressed into any shape desired.  Using this material allows us to build a holster for a customer that is specific to the user, their firearm and the most comfortable method of carrying the firearm.  This can be further customized to the look and color the customer desires as well.  We can transfer custom images onto a holster or engrave designs as desired. Designs can be made multi-dimensional by utilizing different colors and layers of Kydex within the design.


Frame or Slide 1 Color: $100
Full Pistol 1 Color: $150
Full Pistol 2 Colors: $190
Full Pistol 3 Colors: $250

Stock or Barrel 1 Color: $150
Full Rifle 1 Color: $225
Full Rifle 2 Colors:  $275
Full Rifle 3 Colors: $325

Stock or Barrel 1 color: $150
Full Shotgun 1 Color: $225
Full Shotgun 2 Colors:  $275
Full Shotgun 3 Colors: $325

Add $35 AR-15 Disassembly and Reassembly
Add $50 for Stencil Design or Effect for Pistol

Add $75 Stencil Design or Effect for Rifle
Each Additional Color is $30.00
Custom Mixed Colors are $50.00 Each

Stippling for Polymer Frames



Mag Release Recess Cut M&P (N/A on Shield):$25                                                            Remove Thumb Shelves on Glock (Side Humps): $25

AR Standard ​Stippled Grip $30

Round and Stipple Triggerguard on Glock: $35
Round Triggerguard on Glock and leave Smooth/Polished: $45
Stipple Mag Release (N/A on Shield): $7
Springfield XD Upcharge: $20
Triggerguard Stippling: $15
Mag Bases: $15
Slide End Cap: $10
Stipple Customer supplied CTC Laser Grip: $45

Pistol Full Frame any Stipple: $80 (Large Point, Dragon Scale, Cross Hatch Patterns

Add $50 for Pin Point Pattern

Add $35 for Small Point Pattern

Add $35 for Starburst Pattern

Front and Backstrap (M&P Only): $40

Remove Finger Grooves: $35         Triggerguard Undercut: $20          Triggerguard Double Undercut: $30
Frame Index Marks: $15                                Mag Release Recess Cut Glock (N/A on GEN4):$25                                                            


Frame: $150
Slide: $130
Full Pistol: $225

Stock or Barrel: $200
Stock $ Barrel: $300

Stock, Barrel, or Fore grip: $200
Stock, Barrel, & Fore grip: $350

Assembly/Disassembly: $35
Furniture: $85 a piece
Upper or Lower: $150
Upper & Lower: $225
Complete AR: $350


Cerakote is the industry leader in ceramic coatings.  Cerakote is a spray on, bake on coating that allows us as the applicator to completely customize the look of the product.  Cerakote was originally developed for firearms but can be applied to any metal, plastic, glass or wood product that a customer would like to have customized.   When used on firearms this ceramic coating is 28 times stronger than any other gun coating used in the industry today!  Cerakote comes in 107 different base colors and can be custom mixed to generate any color that customer would like.


Hydro dipping is also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing.  This process can be used to create designs on products that could not be done through standard painting processes.  Hydro graphics work on a wide range of materials from metal, wood, plastic and glass.  Pretty much the rule of thumb is; if it can be submerged in water you can hydro dip it.  Defcon uses Cerakote ceramic clear coat to make our graphics hold up to customer abuse better than standard clear! 

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